Protect Duty Get Ready

The Protect Duty legislation will affect thousands of organisations and businesses across the United Kingdom. If you own or operate a business with publicly accessible spaces, you need to follow the requirements and conditions laid out in the legislation. It is the best way to prevent a terrorist attack from causing significant human injury or property damage in your public space.

You might wonder, “How do I improve the security of my publicly accessible spaces?” Since the Protect Duty legislation is still being proposed as a new law, business owners and operators across the country don’t fully understand all the specific information in the bill. Very few details regarding the contents of the legal draft have been disclosed to the public.

As a result, organisations don’t even know the timeframe to implement the new security requirements in their public spaces. The sectors most affected by this lack of transparency are education, retail, hospitality, and entertainment because they contain businesses that depend on public interactions. If these organisations are not given enough time to prepare for the new security requirements properly, they could be in real trouble.

What You Can Do to Get Ready

There are still common sense steps you can take right now to prepare for the new Protect Duty legislation. Let’s go over these steps now:

Determine the Threat Level

The UK Government provides free information to organisations regarding terrorist threat risks and security measures. Study the various terror threats facing the UK public and the best ways to prepare for them. Learn about the various terrorist attack methodologies and which ones are most likely to affect your particular public spaces.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

How vulnerable are your public spaces to terrorist attacks? Conduct a thorough risk assessment of your public spaces to see which areas need the most security. Then you’ll know where to expend most of your security resources to protect the public and comply with the new Protect Duty legislation provisions.

Make the Necessary Preparations

Once you understand the vulnerabilities and risks of terrorist attacks on your property, you can begin making the necessary preparations to mitigate them. These preparations may involve the following:

·  Train employees and staff members about how to recognise potential terrorist threats and the best ways to respond to them

·  Gather first aid resources and have them readily available for people in an emergency

·  Create evacuation plans and public shelters

·  Implement physical security techniques and strategies to reduce the movement of a suspected terrorist attacker

·  Execute technological solutions to help identify possible terrorist threats or attackers

The size of your organisation and its public spaces will determine how many security measures you need to implement to protect people.

Call a Professional Security Solution Provider

Not all business owners can be security experts who know how to battle terrorism, and no one expects you to be either. That’s why you should contact the professional security specialists of Athena Security Solutions to assist you with preparing your public venues for the new Protect Duty legislation.

Our security team can perform all the essential steps to help your organisation prepare for Protect Duty, such as conducting the risk assessment and making the necessary preparations to protect people in your public spaces. We’ll make sure our mitigation techniques comply with the new Protect Duty legislative requirements and reduce the threat of potential terrorist attacks in your public spaces.

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