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What's most important to you? Whatever it is that you value more than anything in the world we will protect it like it is our own.

Athena Security Solutions is unlike any other security company. With a passion and commitment for getting things right first time, we always go the extra mile to give you peace of mind that you will be at your safest and most secure with Athena.

From close protection to events for global organisations, we use our experience and expertise to manage situations before they become hazards. We know how to protect your assets and allay any fears you may have. Get the protection you deserve, from the only security company who cares as much as you do.

There are several legitimate reasons for individuals, organisations, and businesses to hire a security company in London. Perhaps the biggest reason is the rising crime rate, which should give any property owner an incentive to request top-quality security services to protect their assets and human life. 

Athena Security Solutions is one of the leading security companies in London. We are security professionals passionate about helping our clients protect anything valuable to them, such as their businesses, assets, families, employees, customers, and whatever else needs protection. 

The six main types of security services we offer include:

  • Personal Protection
  • Corporate Security
  • Event Security
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Security Consultancy

There are security options for any situation where people, businesses, or events need to be protected. In fact, many notable celebrities and corporations frequently acquire our security services for various purposes.

Athena Security Solutions offers security solutions suitable for any individual or business. In addition, we have competitive prices for high-quality services you cannot find anywhere else. So if you have people or assets in dire need of protection from potential criminals, you should contact our team right away to consult with our security experts on your situation.

Contact us at 0800 020 6200 or email us at to get started. We offer free consultations on all our security and protection services in London. Our team can configure the proper protection measures to accommodate your exclusive security goals and wishes.