Valuable Asset Escorts

Athena Security Solutions will create a customised solution for you to ensure your valuable assets are transported safely and securely. We will review the pickup point and destination point for the valuables and establish primary and alternate routes of transportation. Our vast years of experience in security operations allow us to scout the routes ahead of time for possible security breaches and create customised plans for providing optimal security.

Expert Security Team

Our security operatives are fully trained in the protection of valuable goods and are fully bonded. They have received expert training to deal with every scenario, which can take place in regards to transporting valuable assets. Their vast training and experience has provided them with the skill and manoeuvrability to provide optimal protection and safety to the cargo.

Leading Security Vehicles 

Our security operatives are fully trained and we have secure vehicles, which are equipped with secure carriage equipment. Items are transported in a separate, locked compartment from the security operatives as an extra layer of protection. At times, multiple vehicles may be used in the transport with only the operatives knowing which vehicle contains the item. Your valuable asset escorts will be conducted with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. We can transport items in standard carriage vehicles or armoured vehicles depending on needs and your preference.

Transportation Across UK & Europe

Our team is experienced in transporting assets both short and long distances. Our security operatives are bonded in multiple countries; therefore, we can transport valuable asset across borders if necessary. We can provide multi-guard teams to transport the asset when going long distances allowing operatives to securely switch out at designated points along the way. There are primary and alternate points and operatives randomly radio ahead to the next rally point to change relay points to increase the security of the transport.

All Types Of Valuable Assets

Our security team is experienced in transporting all types of valuable assets whether it is a private collection, jewels for a broker, items from a pawnbroker, or books from a valuable book collector. Your items have never been safer with our experienced and trusted security operatives. Contact us today to see how we can handle your valuable assets escort needs

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