Close Protection Services in the UK & Europe

Close protection, also known as bodyguard services, is an extremely important part of developing a security plan for those in the public eye. Our clients who can benefit from close protective services include government officials, key witnesses, celebrities, bankers and powerful corporate powers.

The Importance of Close Protection

Bodyguards are important because life can be both overwhelming and insecure for those in the public eye. Bodyguards handle the details of keeping their assigned person safe, so that they can focus on their responsibilities, and strive to lead as normal a life as possible. Essentially, close protection London allows even those most at risk to feel safe and at ease no matter where they are. They can be secure in the knowledge that their personal protection specialist is proactively seeking ways to keep them from encountering unplanned difficulties.

The Responsibly of Close Protection Providers

The specific responsibilities fulfilled by a bodyguard vary some from case to case. Some duties commonly performed by close protection services are:

  • The development of travel plans
  • Entrance and exit strategies to avoid unwanted disruptions
  • Risk assessment in public settings where attacks are a significant risk
  • Preventing detainment or disruption from fans, press and other interlopers
  • Providing protection for family members

They may also provide guarded transportation services, search buildings before their client enters the space, or bug phones and spaces for on going electronic surveillance.

Bodyguards can work alone, or as a team. When operating as a team, close protection in London service members may need to wear communication devices to coordinate movements and protection services. The team leader will assign specific tasks to each member of the close protection team to make sure that every aspect of security is appropriately covered.

Do you need close protection services in London? Close protection is another way of describing bodyguard services. Rich and famous people usually require close protection whenever they appear in public around strangers. After all, you never know who might try to harm a person out of jealousy, vengeance, or rage.

Athena Security Solutions offers professional and reliable close protection services in London. Our clients include:

  • Celebrities
  • Bankers
  • Politicians and Government Officials
  • Corporate Executives and Company Leaders
  • Key Witnesses

Our bodyguards are experts trained in the art of personal protection and security. We have the skills and expertise to maintain the safety of individuals 24 hours per day. Since it is close protection, a bodyguard will always be close to you to stop an attack before it occurs. That way, you can feel safe wherever you go in London.

Close protection requires a detailed security plan to keep the assigned person safe. For example, we will examine your daily itinerary and create travel plans for safer routes and schedules. And when you have to enter or leave a building, we’ll implement strategies to maintain discretion and avoid attracting attention as much as possible.

Risk assessments are an essential part of our close protection services since public settings have a higher threat level to the assigned person. We do everything possible to reduce the threat level while allowing the assigned person to live their everyday life the best they can.

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