Close Protection Mayfair

Athena Security Solutions provides the greatest and most comprehensive close protection services in Mayfair. Close protection is the equivalent of a bodyguard, where a well-trained security officer gives you discreet personal protection 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Does that sound like the kind of protection you need?

Our company frequently provides close protection to wealthy individuals, celebrities, and politicians because they are more likely to receive intentional attacks and threats from unsuspecting individuals. Their motivations for targeting them include anger, jealousy, revenge, or conflicting ideology.

Regardless, our bodyguards and security officers incorporate the proper techniques and strategies to keep our clients safe 24/7. Athena Security Solutions employs the best security operatives and bodyguards in Mayfair. You will never have to worry about your safety again, whether you stay home or go out in public. Our bodyguards and security officers will always be nearby to protect you from harm.

Some of our most frequent clients include sports athletes, actors, corporate executives, key witnesses, bankers, government officials, politicians, and anyone else requiring private and public close protection services. When you obtain our close protection services, our security team will devise strategies for keeping you safe wherever you go. If anyone attempts to target you, we will be ready for you.


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