Expert Personal Protection Services

As a personal protection company, Athena will go beyond the call of duty and meet all of your demands. With the right staff in place, careful planning and an unrivalled commitment to protecting your most valuable assets - whether it's your children, partner or home - our security services make your life as easy as possible.

Whatever you value more than anything else in the world, Athena - the personal protection company, will keep it safe at all times. Give your most valuable assets the protection they deserve with personal security that incorporates the greatest levels of respect, trust and professionalism to create a secure, safe and discreet service - without compromise.

Protection For High Profile Individuals

From celebrities to footballers and dignitaries to heads of corporations, we deliver unrivalled levels of protection both domestically and internationally. Our full range of personal protection services includes:

Our close-knit team of fully licensed operatives will respond quickly, calmly and effectively to emergency situations, whilst also demonstrating the skills and experience to identify and eliminate risk before it occurs.

From the highly visible to the highly discreet, our expertly trained and fully licensed security operatives pay close attention to every security detail to deliver a personal protection that is second to none.

Athena Security Solutions is a personal protection company in London. We offer the most comprehensive personal protection services that guarantee the security of your property and its most valuable assets. In addition, we can protect the lives of you, your family members, partners, and other important people.

What kind of personal protection services do you need? Athena Security Solutions specialises in providing the following personal protection services:

·  Bodyguarding / Close Personal Protection

·  Celebrity Security and Protection

·  Escorting and Securing Valuable Assets

·  Security Driving

·  VIP Security Protection

Personal protection requires our close-knit security team to stay near our clients and ensure their safety wherever they go. We are fully licensed and trained to be professional security operatives with the skills to deliver the best personal protection possible. No other security company can match our level of quality and experience when it comes to personal security.

We always take personal security seriously, whether protecting people or property. As a result, our security professionals maintain the highest degrees of respect, professionalism, and dedication while on the job. Every person and asset you want to protect will remain safe under our watch.

Do you need discreet personal protection? Athena Security Solutions can deliver discrete personal protection without drawing too much attention. Our main objective is to satisfy your security needs in any way possible.

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