Uniformed security - Unrivalled Protection For Our Clients

There are times when you need that extra protection. Uniformed security from Athena Security Solutions is the answer to that need. We offer the proactive professionals that are trained to keep you and yours safe.

Keeping Our Clients Safe

Our clients don't have to worry about what may happen. Our trained, uniformed security professionals consider every possibility and are ready for anything that may transpire. No matter what the situation, we are capable, fit and ready to take it on. Whether it is a big name celebrity, or an individual that prefers to remain anonymous, our security will deal with each case on an individual basis.

Athena Security Solutions is here for you when you need someone to look after those that are most precious to you. When you need someone to look after your family, we are here. We will take care of your family as if they are our own. No matter what the situation, our uniformed security is here to make sure your family remains safe and secure.

Uniformed Security For All Occasions

Whatever the event, we have uniformed security for every occasion. Weddings, private parties, concerts and other special events, these are all times when security needs can be high. We will keep your affair in order and your guests safe.

Celebrity Security

Celebrity security needs can be unique. There can be different needs depending on what the situation is. Whether it is a large affair such as a celebrity wedding or an individual celebrity needing some extra security for a special event, we will give you the necessary coverage and manpower to be sure that all of your security needs are met. Find out more about celebrity security.

Contact Athena

Athena Security Solutions are the ones to call when you need to be sure that the people you care about are safe and all of their security needs are met. Don't leave something this important to a company that is not trained to think ahead and realise a dangerous situation before anything ever occurs. Our professionals will work tirelessly and are unflinching in the face of danger. If at any time there is a hazardous situation, you can be assured our uniformed security will be the first ones in the line of danger to be sure you are kept safe.

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