Trained Mobile Patrols Security Service

Mobile patrols are a very important part of any robust security package, and no one understands this better than we do. Athena goes above and beyond the expectations of clients in providing the safest and most secure environments, with a diligent, discreet, respectful and accommodating team of security professionals. With exceptional levels of customer service, our high-quality security solutions keep your assets protected and dangers mitigated. Athena provides trained mobile patrols London and across the UK to a range of clients. 

Mobile Patrol Services

Athena offers a range of flexible mobile site patrol services, independently or as part of a larger security package, for both private and public property. From public buildings to hotels, stadiums and private residences, our expert security patrols manage the situation and provide the level of security required, with all levels of manpower possible and a service that keeps our clients coming back.

We know that each job presents a unique set of considerations and conditions, and this is why we assess and analyse each contract on an individual basis. From larger patrols to protection needed close-by, we work with you to deliver a custom security service which leaves no stone unturned and keeps your priorities in check.

Experienced Team Of Licensed Professionals

Our mobile patrols are delivered by an experienced team of fully licensed professionals. At any time, day or night, our mobile patrols follow stringent schedules and protocol to ensure the highest levels of premises safety and security, ready to respond quickly to any concerns or situations that may arise. We never get in the way, maintaining discreet and respectful mobile patrols, and yet we are always ready to serve you, to evaluate the overall state of security and to report the situation.

Visual Presence

The visual presence of mobile security is an effective deterrent for any potential threats, and our approachable team offer reassurance, calm and control. Eliminating potential dangers before they can manifest is our number one priority, though in the event that emergencies do arise, we respond calmly, appropriately and effectively - there is nothing that surprises us and nothing we cannot handle. Adaptive, attentive and ready to respond, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your security concerns are in the right hands.

Do you have a large property that needs to be monitored for security purposes? If so, you should contact the mobile patrol team at Athena Security Solutions today.

Athena Security Solutions has a highly skilled team of security professionals who can provide mobile patrolling services on your property in London. Mobile patrols move around your property to look for intruders, invaders, security breaches, and other unusual activities. The constant movement ensures we detect security breaches before they escalate.

Our mobile patrolling services can effectively secure public buildings, sports stadiums, concerts, residences, hotels, and other public or private properties. Whether you need large or small patrols, we have enough manpower to accommodate all your mobile security needs. 

Athena Security Solutions employs fully licensed security professionals with the correct training and experience. Our mobile patrols know how to remain discrete, respectful, and safe while on the job. Any potential threats or criminal activities will get dealt with in a calm and controlled manner. We’ll do our best to avoid panicking the guests on your property.

Mobile patrols are a custom security service. Since every property is different, our security team develops a unique mobile patrolling plan to secure and protect the most vulnerable areas. Once the security plan gets executed, we will deliver reports to you periodically. We believe in maintaining total transparency with our clients regarding the state of their property’s security.

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