Professional CCTV Monitoring Security Service

CCTV Monitoring, or Closed Circuit Television surveillance is the recording and/or monitoring of all activities within a persons visually monitored surroundings. The observation of environments, people, equipment and processes is enabled. Athena offer CCTV monitoring to a variety of clients across different industries. 

Preventing Thefts & Assaults

With the assistance of professional CCTV monitoring, you are able to prevent crime and stop criminals before they assault or steal. This will reduce downtime and losses, as well as help to minimise your insurance claims. With remote CCTV monitoring, you will save on your overall security bill and it will enhance the standards of your security. Any type of closed locality can be protected with ease, from depots, offices, and factories to schools, construction sites and colleges. CCTV systems use advanced technologies that can easily be adapted to employ at any site.

Keeping You and Your Business Safe

It is the job of Athena Security Solutions to keep you and your family safe, as well as your business and its employees. Feeling safe at home or at your business will give you total peace of mind. Safety at the workplace increases production, which benefits the business. Athena Security Solutions prevents and detects all incidents from occurring at your home or business. The prevention of any incidents is obtained from our control room where highly trained personnel respond in a specialized and speedy manner in real time situations.

Benefits of CCTV Monitoring:

  • Greatly improve security and safety
  • Higher productivity results - monitor of worker attendance and performance
  • Monitoring of important belongings
  • Eradicate or minimize losses due to theft
  • Provides visual evidence
  • Creates a very disciplined working environment
  • Anytime (24 hours per day), anywhere monitoring
  • Saving of overall costs
  • The prevention of false alarms

Additional Services:

  • The management of numerous remote sites from a centralised point
  • Efficient and cost effective solutions that will prevent any business disruptions
  • Proactive, fast and appropriate intervention by an expert team
  • Protection of customers, staff and loved ones
  • Defusing of situations before they turn into violence, loss or damage

Entrust all your security needs for your home and your business in the hands of experts such as Athena Security Solutions. It will offer you the peace of mind that you are searching for.

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