Professional Hotel Security Solutions

Athena knows exactly what it takes to keep staff and guests safe, secure and comfortable throughout their hotel stay. We strike the perfect balance between a secure environment and unrivalled levels of customer service to deliver high quality hotel security packages that have helped us to retain clients for many years.

Keeping Your Customers & Staff Safe

The professional and discreet hotel security service we offer ensures all your guests remain safe, comfortable and secure. Protect your guests and your hotel's reputation with our discernible hotel security solutions, including:

With years of experience and a team of highly trained security personnel, we combine a respectful presence with approachability to deliver the highest standards of safety. From regular site patrols to a respectful and reassuring visual presence, we give guests the peace of mind they expect and deserve when staying at your hotel.

Our customised security package can complement an existing team or fill in when additional personnel and expertise is required. From SIA licensed door supervisors to hosts/hostesses for restaurants, private bars and clubs, our bespoke security packages can fulfil all your hotel's needs.

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