Professional Crowd Management Security Services

With increased concerns about crowds and public safety in events, crowd management across the UK has become a vital input to ensure a safe and comfortable environment especially when hosting large crowds. To be effective, it should factor in all the elements of an event ranging from the type of event (sporting, circus, concert, rally, parade or theatrical), characteristics of the facility, methods of entrance, size and demeanour of the crowd, crowd control, and communication channels, to queuing.

Common Sources Of Crowd Management:

  • Problems sparked by the crowd from within
  • Problems created by a crowd from outside
  • Natural events
  • Rumour and speculations

In order to host a successful event, it's prudent that event managers should be aware of the general characteristics of the audience they attract. With this information, the event promoter and other stakeholders involved can plan accordingly and put measures up to mitigate on (un)expected eventualities. Another salient consideration should centre on developing an effective communication platform to link the event promoters and the crowd. In instances where the crowd is informed on time regarding changes and delays, crowd tension is reduced as they are more readily accept the changes.

Custom Crown Management Plan

A crowd management plan should explicitly outline in writing the roles and responsibilities of all the parties involved. Other factors that should be included include chain of command, duties of each participant, lines of communication, normal and emergency exit/entrance procedures, contingency plans, expected crowd size and characteristics, a checklist of equipment and personnel, and a list of public agencies involved.

Professional Crowd Management Services

Event management is in itself a very intensive and demanding endeavour, event organisers are thus advised to seek crowd management services from security companies such as Athena Security Solutions. Our expertise in security related matters means we can plan, organise and control audiences effectively. With cooperation from other stakeholders involved in the event management, they can anticipate potential sources of danger, take steps to mitigate trouble, and set up mechanisms to respond with speed and efficiency where need arises. In addition, security firms have the capacity to assess risks, evaluate the facility's capacity to host the event, and provide important details that can be incorporated into event planning.

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