Access Control in London & the UK

The first step towards protecting your home, business or event is restricting access to those who have the right to be there while keeping all others at a safe distance. Employing the services of access control London security operatives is the best way to guard against intruders while providing a vital link between your property and local law enforcement as well as delivery companies and other services.

Fully Trained Security Operatives

Our access control specialists are fully trained in all aspects of on-site physical security, ensuring only those with confirmed authorisation are allowed onto your property. Our security professionals act as high profile professional gatekeepers, greeting employees, residents and guests in a courteous, hospitable manner while remaining vigilant against intruders and trespassers. We maintain detailed access logs that our clients can use to confirm employee attendance, monitor vehicle traffic and if necessary, submit to a court of law as evidence.

Unrivalled Security Services

While many homes and businesses are now equipped with electronic entry devices such as alarms, digital keys and biometric locks, nothing can replicate the high level of security that a professional operative offers. Keys can be copied or loaned out, computer entry systems can be hacked into and identification badges can be forged, however, few trespassers are able to pass the intense one-on-one scrutiny of an experienced access control specialist. Our fully licensed security operatives at Athena Security Solutions are trained to spot intruders, recognise unusual behaviour and diffuse any threats to our clients - services that cannot be replicated with technology.

Access Control For All Events

Whether you need access control services for a single event, a fortnight or on a continuous basis, our protection specialists at Athena Security Solutions can help. Contact us today to find out more about how we will can provide you with a highly visible, highly effective team of security personnel who are dedicated to the safety of you and your assets. We work closely with each client to tailor our security services to their particular needs, whether it be protecting a private residence, a public event or a business property.

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