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For special events of all sizes, Athena delivers professionalism, knowledge and expertise to ensure your event runs smoothly and securely from start to finish. From general crowd management to close personal protection for a star performer, we ensure we have the man power and capabilities to deliver what we promise - every time. We offer a range of event secuirty services to clients across London & the UK. 

A Security Team You Can Trust

The key to event security is a team you can trust. Our highly skilled and experienced security professionals will identify and eliminate any potential security breaches before they occur. As no two events are the same, we customise every aspect of our service to guarantee the security provided meets all of our client's requirements.

Our special event security package includes:

Our comprehensive event security programme is suitable for a whole host of events including celebrity weddings or parties, military conferences, corporate fun days, music festivals, exhibitions, fashion shows and more.

A public event with a large crowd must have top-notch security to keep people safe. After all, you don’t know the people in the crowd or what their intentions may be. So if you don’t plan the security of the event appropriately, someone could get hurt.

Athena Security Solutions provides professional event security services in London. When planning to host an event in the city, hiring a reputable event security company to manage the general crowds and protect the key performers or speakers is imperative. It is the best way to ensure that no personal injuries or other tragic incidents occur.

Event security is like a combination of personal protection and corporate security. Our event security team consists of experts in both fields to implement maximum protection and safety. If there are any potential security breaches, we’ll be able to identify and remove them quickly.

Every event requires a unique security strategy because no two events are alike. That is why our team will customise a comprehensive security plan for your event according to your particular requirements. Client satisfaction is our mission.

What type of event are you hosting in London? Athena Security Solutions has plenty of experience managing the security of weddings, parties, corporate fun days, fashion shows, exhibitions, music festivals, military conferences, and more.

Do you need to protect an important person at the event, such as a musician, actor, or politician? If so, you will appreciate the added personal protection associated with our event security services. We can assign a group of bodyguards to protect any individuals who might have a target on their backs at your event.

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