VIP Security London

Do you need VIP security services in London for an individual or organisation? If so, you can trust the expert VIP security services of Athena Security Solutions.

Our company provides specially tailored VIP security services to protect whatever high-profile person or corporate environment you want in London. We can utilise the latest security technologies to monitor your property for intruders or other unwanted guests. And if you need high-profile people followed and protected, we can provide mobile security protection too.

Athena Security Solutions offers various VIP security services to implement top-level protection for personal or business reasons. These protections include bodyguards, venue controllers, event controllers, secured transportation, product security, and uninformed security officers. Whatever you need to keep persons or property safe, we have the resources and security officers to make it happen.

All our VIP security services are fully bonded, licensed, and insured. Athena Security Solutions serves high-profile individuals and major multinational organisations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Some of our biggest clients include Footworks Productions, Visa, Cancer UK, Media Group, Google and World Economic Forum.

Athena Security Solutions can monitor your people and property on a 24-hour basis. Our security officers have the best training and experience in protecting people and implementing high-security techniques to ensure the safety of our clients and their property.

Would you like to schedule a free consultation with Athena Security Solutions to discuss your VIP security needs in London? Call us at 0800 020 6200 or email us on our contact form to get started.


Do you require VIP security services for an individual or a business in London? If so, you can rely on Athena Security Solutions to provide professional VIP security services at affordable prices.

Athena Security Solutions can offer specialised VIP security services to any high-profile individual or corporate environment which requires advanced security protection. We will use cutting-edge security technology to watch for burglars or unwelcome visitors on your property before they cause any real problems. We can also provide mobile security protection for high-profile individuals who need to be protected when they are out in public.

Athena Security Solutions provides several effective VIP security services to bring advanced protection to prominent people and companies in London. We can give you bodyguards, event controllers, venue controllers, guarded transit, uniformed security officers, and product security protections whenever and wherever you need them.

Athena Security Solutions provides professional VIP security services to high-profile people and large multinational corporations and organisations throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. 

Athena Security Solutions offers 24-hour VIP security protection, which means we consistently watch people and property for unusual activity or security threats. You can trust our security officers to stop threats before they escalate into something worse. After all, our security training, experience, and technologies are the best in the industry.

Call us at 0800 020 6200 or email us on our contact form to schedule a free consultation to discuss your VIP security needs in London. All VIP security services that we provide are completely bonded, licensed, and insured.