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VIP security services are tailored to accommodate an individual's or organisation's protective needs. Whether you need to protect an entire corporate environment or one person, we have the perfect VIP security team to implement adequate security measures. Your safety will become our number one priority.

Athena Security Solutions employs the most qualified team of VIP security professionals in Kensington and the United Kingdom. Our security personnel have received the best training and learned the most effective security techniques for keeping people safe. In addition, our reliable and professional security agents utilise advanced security equipment and technologies to protect our clients.

Our VIP security services offer bodyguard protection, uniformed security officers, event controllers, product security specialists, and more. Athena Security Solutions serves all commercial or personal security needs with fully licensed, bonded, and insured VIP security services. As a result, our clients can have peace of mind knowing their security needs are being met by trained and licensed security operatives.

Our VIP security services are available to all high-profile individuals and companies across the United Kingdom and Europe. In fact, many reputable multinational companies and organisations rely on our VIP security services, including Google, the French Embassy, Westend Churches and the World Economic Forum.


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Our VIP security services are customised to meet the protection requirements of our clients, which could be a person or an organisation. We have the best VIP security team to organise effective security measures, whether you need to safeguard a business environment or one specific individual. Our primary focus will be to keep you secure or your business protected.

Athena Security Solutions has the most experienced VIP security officers in Kensington and the United Kingdom. We are well-trained, educated, and experienced in all levels of VIP security protection. In addition, our security officers utilise the latest security technologies, techniques, and equipment to maximise the security protection of our VIP clients.

Athena Security Solutions provides fully certified, bonded, and insured VIP protection services for all business and personal security needs. Our VIP security services include uniformed security officers, product security specialists, event controllers, bodyguard protection, and more. Therefore, our clients can feel confident that qualified and certified security personnel are fulfilling their security needs.

All high-profile people and businesses in the United Kingdom and Europe can benefit from our VIP security services. Many prominent worldwide corporations and organisations currently use our VIP security services, such as Google, the French Embassy, Westend Churches and the World Economic Forum. So, if our VIP security services are good enough for them, we are confident they will be good enough for you.


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