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Athena Security Solutions is the premier provider of celebrity security services in Kensington and surrounding locations. Our celebrity security services are suitable for protecting any high-profile person, such as an actor, sports athlete, businessperson, or politician.

Our personal security team can follow a celebrity wherever they go to give them 24-hour protection. For instance, we can protect them in shopping malls, grocery stores, parties, events, movie premieres, music concerts, or in the privacy of their homes. It depends on when and where they need our security services to protect them.

Athena Security Solutions employs licensed security operatives authorised to work in Kensington or other locations in the United Kingdom and Europe. So if you or someone you know is a celebrity who travels throughout the continent, our security team can protect them everywhere.


Here are the specific celebrity security services we provide to our clients:

  • Managing large and small crowds
  • Conducting initial surveys of a place where the celebrity plans to go
  • Managing the news media amid large crowds
  • Implementing the best and most effective walking and seating techniques with a celebrity


Travelling from one place to another can be a challenge for a celebrity. Fortunately, our security services can offer a range of secure transportation methods, such as a private car, armoured vehicle, van, or limousine. Of course, the best choice will depend on the security threat level and your preferences.


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Athena Security Solutions is the leading celebrity security service provider in Kensington and nearby locations. We can offer celebrity security services to protect and ensure the safety of any high-profile person, including professional athletes, politicians, actors, and businesspeople.

Our security officers and bodyguards can follow the celebrity or high-profile person 24 hours per day, 7 days per week if necessary. This constant protection will follow them wherever they go, such as parties, grocery stores, music concerts, public events, or their homes.

Athena Security Solutions has some of the best and most experienced security operatives in Kensington and throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. This will be useful if the celebrity needs protection outside of Kensington while travelling to other cities in the UK or other countries and cities in Europe.


Our celebrity security services entail the following tasks:

  • Large and small crowd management
  • Initial surveys of destination locations of the celebrity
  • News media management
  • Effective walking and seating techniques for added security


Celebrities are usually concerned about their safety when travelling to different places in and out of their city. However, our celebrity clients have nothing to worry about with our security team on the job because we cover all aspects of their protection.

In fact, we even utilise secure transportation methods like armoured vehicles, limousines, and private vehicles to increase the celebrity’s security. It all depends on the threat level they face.


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