Professional Apartment Block Security Guards

Large apartment buildings without adequate security should trigger a major red flag for prospective renters and buyers. The reason why so many assaults, thefts, and fatalities occur in block apartments is usually because the management relies solely on security cameras as opposed to apartment block security guards.

Stopping & Preventing Crime

The problem is, criminals can easily slip in and out of a building that lacks apartment block security guards. A common method is to sneak in alongside a resident, since most people tend to be polite about holding the door open for the person behind them. Once a criminal has entered the building, they are free to prey on just about anyone. Many areas of apartment buildings can be rather desolate at times, such as laundry rooms, elevators, garages, and storage lockers.

If an assailant corners a person, the victim may have difficulty in getting help or escaping. Knowledgeable, trained apartment block security guards provide a layer of safety between innocent residents and dangerous assailants.

Athena Security Solutions employs fully trained and licensed apartment block security guards who are well versed in all types of security. Have a look at some other ways to stay safe in apartment buildings:

  • When looking for an apartment, find buildings that have apartment block security guards posted at the entrance or lobby of the building. They should contact you and confirm visitors' details before sending the guest up.
  • Before heading off on holiday, let the security manager know that the apartment will be unoccupied for a certain period of time.
  • The door to the apartment should always be locked, even while you or family members are home. Leaving it unlocked makes it all too easy for intruders to enter.
  • If a strange or suspicious person is occupying a lift, simply wait for the next one or walk away. Always trust your gut instincts.
  • Property damage such as broken windows or doors should be reported immediately to the apartment block security guards.
  • If you notice a strange person loitering unnecessarily or for a long period of time within the building, notify the security manager right away. You may end up saving someone's life!

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