Corporate Security

Every corporate environment relies upon a discrete, understated security programme delivered by a company with expertise. Athena Security Solutions offers professional corporate security with exactly that with extensive experience, professionalism and an unrivalled commitment to our clients. We identify and mitigate any possible breaches of security to keep your corporation safe at all times.

Full Range Of Corporate Security Services

From the reassuring presence of uniformed staff to full corporate security coverage across a range of venues or events, our comprehensive security packages help to create a safe and comfortable corporate environment. Our team of experienced security staff, including professional SIA licensed security personnel, are available for:

Whether appointed for short term cover or a long term contract, our corporate security team delivers the same exceptional standards which have made clients retain our services for years.

Do you need close protection and security for a corporate environment in London? If so, Athena Security Solutions has the most advanced corporate security solutions to protect your commercial property and everyone on it.

Athena Security Solutions offers discrete security services to London-based companies that need to maintain the safety of any type of corporate environment. Our security personnel are SIA-licensed and fully experienced in protecting corporate properties, employees, executives, guests, and other relevant stakeholders.

We specialise in corporate security for the following environments:

·  Office Buildings

·  Apartment Buildings

·  Company Events and Conferences

·  College and University Campuses

·  Healthcare Facilities

Uniformed security officers are available if you need to give peace of mind to your corporate guests. In addition, our surveillance team will continue monitoring the entryways and exits of your commercial building for intruders and suspicious activities.

Athena Security Services can set up CCTV equipment to monitor these areas discretely from afar. So if there are any security breaches on your commercial property, our security team will spot them and respond immediately.

We can also provide close protection to corporate executives and figures if needed. Our personal protection services can extend to our corporate security services when requested. 

Athena Security Solutions offers short-term and long-term security contracts. Whether you need us to secure an event one-time or a commercial building regularly, we have the skills and experience to do the job well.

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