• Friday 22nd September 2023

    How can you protect your business, employees, and public?

    Businesses have higher security demands than ever before. As per Martyn's Law the increased threats of violence, terrorism, and vandalism have made business owners and corporate leaders more eager to invest in the best security measures available.

  • Wednesday 5th April 2023

    Protect Duty – Your Digital Footprint

    The United Kingdom has experienced a significant uptick in natural security threats over the last several years.

  • Wednesday 5th April 2023

    What is Counter Terrorism Policing?

    Counter Terrorism Policing is a network of police forces and local authority agencies around the United Kingdom.

  • Wednesday 5th April 2023

    What Protect Duty Means for You?

    Protect Duty is a new piece of national legislation that will take effect in 2023. The legislation aims to teach business owners and operators about counter terrorism so they can help prevent or mitigate the risks of a terrorist attack on their properties.

  • Wednesday 5th April 2023

    How Martyn’s Law Will Impact Event Security?

    Martyn’s law will profoundly impact security at large events, such as sports stadiums, music concerts, festivals, political speeches, etc.

  • Wednesday 5th April 2023

    How Will Protect Duty Affect Security Guards?

    When the new Protect Duty law is enforced in 2023, it will mean security guards will have many more duties and responsibilities for keeping the public safe. Security companies must provide the necessary counter terrorism training to their security guards to comply with the law.

  • Wednesday 5th April 2023

    Are You Ready for Protect Duty?

    The new Protect Duty legislation is about to be enforced throughout the United Kingdom. All business owners and venue operators need to ensure they’re ready to comply with the new Martyn's law guidelines under this legislation or risk facing penalties and potential terrorist attacks.

  • Wednesday 5th April 2023

    Martyn’s Law to Help Ensure Added Security at Venues

    Martyn Het was only 29 years old when he lost his life at the Manchester Arena in the dreadful terrorist attack of 2017. He was one of 22 people who lost their lives that day, most of whom were young people enjoying an evening out watching a favourite artist.

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