About Us

Athena Security Solutions provides elite security for individuals, businesses and organisations from all industry sectors. We couldn't do this without our carefully selected team of security professionals who all feel as passionately as we do about providing an optimum security service. We're not happy to be just like everyone else, with our professionalism, safety and client satisfaction setting us apart from the rest.

We keep our clients safe and secure with a personal service, expertise and complete discretion. Our bespoke security processes cater for virtually every scenario, from protecting the most famous individuals to protecting the identities of the most anonymous. We are proactive, not reactive, in our prediction and prevention of danger and careful management of fear.

Our efficiency and hard-earned experience gives us an unrivalled reputation - and one which we are extremely proud to retain. By working closely with our clients, this has helped to shape the way our business has evolved over the years. Striving to meet and exceed all your expectations, we will continue to grow and adapt our service to suit every eventuality.